Meet the Team!

The Shopping Week Committee meet regularly throughout the year working tirelessly to ensure Shopping Week is packed with lots of exciting events for all ages throughout the week.

Michael has been part of the Shopping Week Committee for over … Best known for his photography skills Michael has played a vital part of the team for many years.  With years of experience behind him Michael took on the role of Chair for 2019​

Michael Moar


Savannah was an attendant during 2018's 70th Shopping Week, Savannah enjoyed her experience so much she wanted to dedicate more of her time towards making Shopping Week a success for years to come taking on the role of Vice Chair for 2019.  Savannah was also a flower girl when she was younger so Shopping Week holds exciting memories for her growing up

Savannah Taylor

Vice Chair

Sonia has been a loyal member of the Committee for over 10 years, as treasurer Sonia ensures as a charity that accounts are produced annually.  Sonia decided to join the committee after having a bit of a moan to one of the former chair's about some of the things that annoyed her about Shopping Week, to which the Chair replied, "join then"! And over 10 years later she's never looked back! :)

Sonia Adamson


Paula has played a huge part in Shopping Week over the years.  The famous "Dale Float" created along with family and friends is the highlight for many during the annual Saturday night fancy dress parade.  With months of work going into creating the float its always a must see on the night!  Paula joined the Committee in 2018 as Secretary 

Paula Craigie


Growing up in Stromness Shopping Week has always been one of the highlights of the year for Gina. After the Success of the Shopping Week Soapbox Derby in 2018 which Gina helped organised with her husband Ross and friends they both decided to join the Shopping Week Committee.  Gina took on the role of Secretary which she shares with Paula in 2018

Gina Tait


Following the huge success of the Shopping Week Soapbox Derby in 2018, as the main organiser for the event Ross wanted to continue his efforts and join the Committee to help make it a success for years to come, Ross has fond memories of Shopping Week growing up in Stromness as a kid.  He has always entered the daft raft race with friends as well taking part in the "Dale Float" on the Saturday night!

Ross Tait

Committee Member

Colin joined the committee in 2018 to help keep the tradition going he enjoyed so much growing up.  Colin has been part of Shopping Week since a very young age.  With 30 years of the "Dale Float",  Colin along with his family and friends have kept the Saturday night Parade alive attracting spectators from around Orkney with their annual hilarity and topical "Dale Float" entry in the Saturday night Fancy Dress Parade.  A must see!!

Colin Craigie

Committee Member

 Katy is a great supporter of Stromness, and a proud "Stromnessian", She was delighted to join the committee and to be part of a like minded team! Katy's family have always been part of Shopping week - "Granfa" (Jackie Robertson) was on the first ever committee, and after that her Aunt Anne and her father Johnny who has just left the committee after 25 years! Following in their  footsteps Katy joined the committee in 2018 along with her cousin Caro, perhaps now a family tradition!

Katy Sutherland

Committee Member

Caro joined the Committee in 2018 following in the footsteps of family members.  Caro is an enthusiastic and dedicated member of the team and really passionate about Shopping Week continuing for years to come.  Shopping Week holds lots of happy memories for Caro, being Flower Girl and then in 2008 she was elected Shopping Week Queen.  

Caro Stockan

Committee Member

Local business owner Neil Taylor is extremely passionate about Stromness and Stromness Shopping Week.  Neil has been heavily involved in Shopping Week for years with his wife being part of the committee in the past and his daughter part of the Royal Party.  Neil and his Daughter Savannah joined the committee in 2018 to help make a difference and to ensure Shopping Week continues to be the best it can be.

Louise Leask

Neil Taylor

Committee Member

Sarina has always had a love for music, and plays many musical instruments with bass guitar being her main one, Sarina wanted to join the committee in 2018 to help organise the bands for the week along with her friend Rhiannon.  Sarina has won the Women's Half Yard of Ale 10 years in total - a must see on Thursday night! She holds the record in a time of 6.5 seconds!!   Bling and you'll miss it!

Sarina Skinner

Committee Member

Rhiannon has always had a love for music, both listening and singing.  Together with her friend Sarina they decided to get involved in Shopping Week, joining the committee in 2018 to help showcase local bands and to provide music for all tastes throughout the week.  

Rhiannon Reilley

Committee Member

Becki joined the Committee in 2018. Shopping Week has always been a special time for Becki growing up with family members heavily involved in the committee as well at the Saturday night Parade.  It has always been a fun time of year for her.

Becki Irvine

Committee Member

David taught English at Stromness Academy from 1978 to 1985.  Having been around a bit, including 24 years in Dorset, he is delighted to be part of Shopping Week now that he is back in Orkney for keeps!  He is delighted to be helping to keep a great tradition alive!

David Milsted

Committee Member